Why focus on offline product availability


of commerce is still in store


of shoppers research online before making an in store purchase


of shoppers look for local stock information

The Team

Companies we worked for


What we built

Co-created eBay Classifieds own ‘Adwords’ advertising type system

Founded the leading Dutch lyrics website with 1.2 million monthly visitors

Co-founded full service web development company in 1999

Our advisors

Marc Duijndam

CEO Funda, former LinkedIn NL, MD Google Benelux

Tanguy Peers

Mentor Seedcamp, former VP eBay, Morgan Stanley, INSEAD MBA

Frank Zorn

VP Western and Central Europe at Groupon, Co-founder Citydeal, Venture Partner Rocket Internet, INSEAD MBA

Stefan Bary

Managing Partner at Peak Capital III, MD Javest Investment Fund, former Partner First Dutch Capital

Bret Kelly

CTO @Leisure former Director of Design & Technology at VNU Vacature Media, CTO at Spilgames and Marktplaats.nl

The story

When I worked at eBay back in 2003 I thought it was all going to be about buying things online. But since then I have learned that, even though e-commerce is growing at a rapid pace, we need more than that to really meet the consumer's need. It is more about giving the consumer choice. Sometimes the online model works great but often you want to see the product first, feel it, try it on, get it right now, or pay a better price than online (without worrying about postage costs and potential returns)!

What is missing for great e-commerce platforms is the connection with offline stores. Enabling consumers to find products close to them, make product reservations, use product wish lists to trigger when a product is in stock nearby, view actual stock levels and much more. Giving consumers access to a wider range of products that are available immediately. Voradius provides the software for e-commerce sites to do just that.

Voradius currently handles product availability in real time for millions of product/store combinations mainly for national retail chains. For small retailers that do not have a computer system we created Voradius Scout where retailers receive local product requests via an app, email or sms. Sort of like Uber for products.

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